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"male from Canada , love to look at beautiful woman ,I greatly appreciate the efforts all the ladies here put forth , always great photos for me to pursue my passion of enjoying and celebrating the female form . All you ladies deserve a huge thanks for all the efforts , valuable time spend and maybe even $$ to share yourselves so graciously here with us ."

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Hello All, and especially our great American friends here,
Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you, I sincerely hope you all enjoy your holiday!! I wish from my heart that you all have a fun, happy, loving, and enjoyable time as you gather with family and friends and that there is plenty of laughter, smiles, love, and togetherness to fill your day and go along with I am sure some awesome food and nice refreshments !! Our Thanksgiving is over here in Canada, it was in October, I often envy how you guys do yours and wish we did it along side of you after all we are your good neighbors to the north and share many the same traditions and traditional food dishes of this blessed holiday !! it truly is a wonderful time to not only give thanks for what we have but share our love and enjoyment to have each other with just simple nice words and warm fellowship !! Cheers my friends , and I do consider you all great friends indeed !!

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 106,626 |  1 Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving

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